Women in the Driver’s Seat

Have you ever gone in for an oil change only to hear you need a new timing belt, a transmission flush, an air filter replacement, or some other attempted upsell? You tell the mechanic that you just want the oil change. He scoffs before doubling down. Using a little too much detail, he explains how your car needs this routine maintenance.

In an industry where the majority of workers are male, it’s easy for women to feel taken advantage of. At Centennial Leasing & Sales, we know that cars are for everyone, and we want you to be confident about your automotive experience. From vetting a mechanic to reviving a dead car battery and connecting with trusted women in the industry, we invite you to join us for an evening of networking, education, and empowerment.

Date: April 10th, 2024
Time: 5 PM – 7 PM
Where: 715 S Joliet St, Englewood, CO 80112

Networking Opportunities

Our Women in the Driver’s Seat event offers the chance to meet and connect with local female business owners and the women leading the charge and finding success as auto brokers at Centennial Leasing & Sales. The event will also provide the opportunity to meet and connect with our preferred female vendors in the following businesses:

  • Window Tinting
  • Car Insurance
  • Mechanics
  • Windshield Repair

Remember to bring your business card and enter to win prizes!

Take the Driver’s Seat in your Automotive Experience

Our Women in the Driver’s Seat event provides a platform for empowerment, education, and connection. We want to demystify the automotive industry and ensure that women feel confident, informed, and supported. Whether you’re looking to expand your network, learn from the experiences of successful women in the automotive field, or learn more about car maintenance and mechanics, this event is for you.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take control of your automotive experience and join a community of women who are doing the same.

Please use this link to RSVP by April 1st, 2024. We look forward to seeing you!