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  • Mandy Archer

    Mandy Archer joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2014. Mandy has always been in sales and started working for Harley Davidson before children. She values the freedom of building her own business and helping people daily. Originally from Wisconsin, Mandy has been in Colorado since 2000. She enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 sons when she isn't working. She loves the Colorado sunshine, riding her dirt bike and fly fishing as much as she can. 

  • Mike Asarch

    Mike Asarch joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2000. Mike has been in the car business all his life. He started as a collector at United Bank of Littleton selling the repossessions and somehow ended up in the car sales industry. Mike has a great repeat and referral business. Mike was born and raised in Littleton and enjoys traveling, spending time with his little dog or at the pool. He also enjoys trying new restaurants and exploring the city. 

  • Michelle Booth

    Michelle Booth joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2015 but has been doing business with the team since 2007. Michelle is driven by giving her clients a transparent and educational sales process; helping them make the best financial decision and ultimately making the best decision for their life and family. This California native loves spending time with her husband and kids when she isn't building her business. She is an avid bread baker and if it could be fall all year round she would be content. 

  • Ray Brown

    Ray Brown has been at Centennial Leasing & Sales since 1988. Ray has been in the automobile business since he graduated from college and has built his business on repeat & referral clients. Ray is driven by providing exceptional service to exceptional clients. A Denver native, Ray can be found typically on the golf course when he is not in the office. 

  • Valerie Bruckman

    Valerie Bruckman joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2017. Valerie has a background mostly in mortgage and sales management but enjoys the people and atmosphere at Centennial Leasing & Sales most. Valerie is from Norfolk, VA as her father was in the military. When she isn't delivering cars she enjoys watching her son play football and lacrosse or being outside whenever the weather is nice. 

  • John Byerrum

    John Byerrum joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2008. John has spent over 23 years in the automotive industry, he started in sales and then moved to finance prior to finding Centennial Leasing & Sales. John is a Colorado native and enjoys anything outdoors that includes a little adrenaline - motocross, camping, snowboarding and skiing are a few of his favorite things. 

  • Nick CaHow

    Nick is a Colorado Native with a brief history of living in a small town in Ohio. He and his wife have been married for 2 years and a 3 year old corgi named Crowley. While not at the office he enjoy fishing, hiking, horseback riding, playing golf, and off-roading. Nick has been in the car business in 2016 selling at a local dealership entire time, where he was able to obtain Jeep Expert status (recognized by Jeep)  Nick joined Centennial Leasing & Sales team to have better ability to take care of  his clients and help with any brand they are looking for. "I want to respect their time and make sure they are having a very memorable and fun experience while offering a piece of mind that they now have someone they can trust to assist them in all of the vehicle needs."~Nick

  • Lynn Castelo

    Lynn Castelo joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 1989. Over the last 30 years, Lynn has enjoyed the ability to provide her clients with all makes and models of cars - both new and used. She has provided a no pressure & fun experience for her clients - most of which are repeat and referral. Her motto is "Its all about the client, not the sale." Lynn was born and raised in Illinois but came to Colorado for college, CSU, and has never left. In her spare time (which seems to get more scarce these days) she enjoys a little golf, spending time with her cats and Law & Order re-runs. 

  • Jerry Civello

    Jerry Civello joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2001. Jerry has a passion and zest for life and that comes across in every car deal. He ensures that every client has their true "Best Auto Buying Experience." Jerry is from Pennsylvania and when he is not working he enjoys living life to the fullest. He loves sports, golf, football, biking, and swimming. He also spends as much time as he can with his wife, Linda, his daughters, Chelsea & Chloe, and their dog Louie. 

  • Denver Cook

    Denver is a Texas native that has been a long-term credit union auto broker serving members since 1993! He has a long list of customers who will not buy a car from anyone else! In his spare time he enjoys  hunting, fishing, spending time with my wife Sandy and two boys in their home in Conifer.

  • Brian Culliney

    Brian Culliney joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2012. With a background in all things Auto Industry, Brian has spent time as an auto mechanic and owned his one "Mobile Vehicle Inspection" company. He was also in the Automotive Warranty business prior to becoming an Auto Broker. Brian truly enjoys the ability to market all makes & models of vehicles while offering different lease and finance options to his clients. A Chicago native, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 sons. He enjoys designing and building things around the house, going to the mountains, fishing, camping and truly exploring Colorado with his family. He is also a big football and hockey fan and can be found in the gym 4-5 times a week. 

  • Ted Dwyer

    Ted Dwyer joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2000 and works out of our Westminster office. Ted grew up in the car business where his family has been involved for more than fifty years. Ted has had clients for years and he is now leasing and selling cars to their children and grandchildren. Ted was born and raised in Denver and he enjoys spending time with his family & extended family. Ted is also very involved in the Italian American community. 

  • Aimee Ferris

    Aimee Ferris joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2019. Aimee's background is almost 20 years in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality Industry. Aimee truly loves seeing the smiles and how happy people are when they get their new car and drive off the lot. When Aimee isn't working, this Colorado native enjoys going to concerts, working in her garden, watching good movies or TV shows and loves to travel when she can. 

  • Clem Fitzsimmons

    Clem Fitzsimmons started his automotive career right out of High School and has since garnered experience in every aspect of the industry. He has a passion for people and an extensive knowledge of cars, and has spent his career connecting the two to create a positive buying experience for his clients.
    Clem is a proud Denver native and an avid family man. He is married with four children and is an active member of his church.

  • Vince Francescatti

    Vince Francescatti joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2013. Vince spent 19 years with another car dealership in the Denver Metro area. Vince has spent a lot of time in his career working closely with credit union members on purchasing or leasing their new vehicles. Even to this day, Vince still works closely with credit union members. Vince is a third generation native of Colorado. He loves spending time with his beautiful bride and family. You can also find Vince golfing or bowling as much as financially possible. 

  • Kelly Gould

    Kelly Gould joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2019. Kelly has been in Insurance Sales with State Farm & American Family and also has experience in car sales. Kelly is a Colorado native from Glenwood Springs and has 4 grown children and 3 grandchildren. When she isn't delivering a great customer experience to her clients, she can be found camping, hiking, fishing or spending time with her family. 

  • Bryan Guice

    Bryan Guice joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2001. Bryan enjoys the people he works with the resources he has to help his clients. He lives his life by the Rotary Four Way Test and treats all of his clients with that same mentality. Bryan is originally from New York State and has been in Colorado since 1984. He enjoys anything outdoors from fly fishing to motorcycle rides. He also loves anything foodie related - classic cooking to being a Certified BBQ judge. 

  • Curt Hoffman

    Curt Hoffman joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2009. Curt has been in the auto industry since October 1997. Curt grew up in Boulder County and has lived in Broomfield since 1991. When Curt isn't delivering vehicles to his clients he enjoys camping, playing tennis and spending time with his family & friends. 

  • Tim Kerr

    Tim Kerr joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 1996. Tim has been in the car business for 41 years and loves the people / staff at Centennial Leasing & Sales. He also enjoys the self employment, the awesome facility and the inventory - it is a system that works. When Tim, a Colorado native, isn't busy selling cars he enjoys family time, golf and road trips whenever the time permits. 

  • Jarrett Kirkwood

    Jarrett joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2016. He started off in our Fort Collins location and in May of 2021 transferred to our Englewood location. Jarrett is a Rare Breed being a Colorado Native. He has been in the Auto industry since 2001 and has built all the right relationships with Auctions and Dealers to be able to do what he does today when it comes to finding his clients that perfect car. Jarrett has been with his wife Allison since 2000 and later Married her in 2010. He has 2 very Active Children. Addison who is the oldest, is a Soccer and Softball Player and his son Brandon is very much into Baseball. When Jarrett isn't spending his whole weekend at their games (which never happens) He loves to with be in his garage working on his 1969 GTO Convertible or Cruising it somewhere with the top down and enjoying some Sun. Please feel free to always Call or Text him on his Cell Phone. In his own words "It is always on"

  • Bryce Kitchen

    Bryce joined the Centennial Leasing & Sales team in 2020, centennial caught Bryce's attention because the customer service is above and beyond! Most importantly, the time and money saved, is what Centennial separates itself from the typical dealership experience. Bryce first joined the car business  early 2014. After easing into the business, he joined the sales team in 2017 and that is where he realized he enjoyed helping others with the car buying process. In his free time you can find me cruising around town, on the golf course, watching sports or hanging out with family and friends.

  • Jeff Krieger

    Jeff Krieger joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 1987. He enjoys the great group of people that he gets to work with every day and that's why he has stayed for so long. Jeff has a passion and love of cars that is evident whenever he talks to any of his repeat clients. A New Jersey native, Jeff enjoys helping animals and being apart of a sports car club. 

  • Patrick Laurie

    Patrick Laurie joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2003. Patrick truly enjoys working in a place that fosters honesty, fairness, empathy & individual personal growth. Patrick has been in Colorado since the age of 2 and his wife & him call Englewood home. When you are in sales you are always working but when Patrick gets some off time he enjoys biking, hiking, sailing, camping, traveling. He also enjoys spending time with his 103 lb rescue Golden Doodle. 

  • Perry Longo

    Perry Longo joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2009. Perry has been in the car business for 30 years and loves being apart of the number one broker unit in the country. Perry makes sure that every deal is a positive journey for his clients. Perry is originally from Providence, Rhode Island and when he's not working he enjoys coaching, raising his kids, playing sports, riding his motorcycle, racing RC cars and participating in activities at church. 

  • Spencer Maloney

    Spencer Maloney joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2014. Spencer has enjoyed the freedom to provide his clients their "Best Automotive Buying Experience." Spencer makes sure he does the right thing the first time and every time for each and every client he works with. Spencer is a Fort Morgan native and enjoys going to concerts, camping & traveling when he's not working. 

  • Doug Miner

    Doug Miner joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2017. Doug currently works out of our Westminster office. Doug was born and raised in Colorado and went to ASU to pursue a Masters Degree in Psychology. Doug is driven by creating great personal relationships with all of his clients. When he is not at the office you will probably find him traveling. 

  • Drew Parysz

    Drew joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2021. It's been 15 years since his first role in the automotive business as a lot porter for an Acura dealership back in his home state of New Jersey. Since then, he has held multiple roles for dealerships, car manufacturers and third-party vendors. Even though his roles have changed, his passion for providing exceptional customer service and experiences remains unchanged. He loves the ability to help customers find their perfect car while helping educate them about the process along the way. When Drew is not in the office, he enjoys working on his new home in Highlands Ranch, exploring the local restaurant scene and 'hunting' for rare bourbons. 

  • Vic Rodriguez

    Victor Rodriguez joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2011. Victor started his auto career in 1989 in Torrance, California and has seen & done it all in the business. Although he has left the car industry a few times, he has owned numerous businesses and has been nonstop devoted to clients and their car needs for the last 10 years. Victor is married with 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren. In his spare time, this California native, enjoys scuba diving, traveling, watching sports, bowling, and spending time with his wife, daughters, and grandkids. 

  • Ian Rogers

    Ian Rogers joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2006. Prior to joining our team, Ian worked as a diver at Casa Bonita. Ian is driven by the honesty and transparency that he can deliver to his clients. Originally from Denver, when Ian isn't working you will find him snowboarding or fishing. 

  • Kurt Schlaefer

    Kurt Schlaefer joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 1995. Prior to joined the Centennial team, Kurt was a US Air Force Pilot for 13 years. Kurt is driven by meeting new people and solving customers vehicle problems; ultimately meeting their needs without interference or bias to sell specific inventory. Kurt is originally from Lincoln, NH and has 7 siblings. He graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1970 and flew F-111's during the Vietnam & Cold War. Kurt has been married for 49 years, he has 2 children and 2 grandchildren. On his free time, he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, rock climbing and enjoying the mountain life. 

  • Peter Schramm

    Peter Schramm joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2005. Peter's family has been in the car business long before he was born. Peter has worked with cars and finance his entire life. Peter has been able to create a lasting repeat & referral business based on his drive to take care of people & create lasting relationships with his clients. Peter is a Colorado native and when he isn't working you can find him traveling with his wife and dogs. Peter loves all things motorcycles and motocross events are at the top of his list. 

  • Cory Schroeder

    Cory Schroeder joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2011 but had been purchasing vehicles prior. Before Cory joined the team of Sales Consultants, he had never worked a day in the car business but had many years of customer service & sales. Cory has a love for helping others and has the drive to sustain a career that he is proud of; those things help him strive every day in delivering the ultimate experience for his clients. Originally from California, Cory's family moved to Grand Lake over 25 years ago. When he isn't delivering vehicles you can find him attempting to play golf, singing karaoke, camping and rooting for the best team in the NFL - the Denver Broncos. 

  • Byron Schwarz

    Byron Schwarz joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2010. Byron enjoys the independence to grow his own business network and control his success. He makes sure all of his clients are given the best knowledge to make the best purchase or lease to fit their needs. Byron was born in Texas but moved to Iowa for college. He has been in Colorado for 22 years and enjoys riding motorcycles, camping and traveling. 

  • Jamie Seger

    Jamie Seger joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2011. Jamie started her career selling cars in the late 80's in a dealership in Detroit, MI. She did that until she heard that a dealership in Denver was looking for sales consultants, she took a chance to come to Denver and she has never looked back. Jamie is a native of Trenton, MI and on her free time she enjoys spending time with her family & 3 dogs along with going to all of her kids sporting events. 

  • Wes Shanahan

    Wes started at Centennial Leasing & Sales and in the automotive industry in March of 2020. After years of pursuing career paths in industries that he wasn't passionate about, he decided to marry his passion of everything automotive with his career. The freedom of owning his own business while joining the amazing team at Centennial Leasing & Sales was too enticing to ignore. Wes now gets to spend his time helping people navigate their vehicle purchase or lease so that they have their BEST car buying experience. Wes grew up in small-town Iowa and moved to Colorado right after high school graduation. He married a Colorado native and they have an amazing little girl. When not in the office, Wes is spending as much time as he can with his girls and their happy border collie mix.

  • Morrie Shepard

    Morrie Shepard joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2011. Morrie enjoys being able to help people anyway he can. His love for people and cars also make his job more enjoyable. Morrie was born in Aspen and is a father of two amazing daughters. When he isn't helping someone find their next car, Morrie likes to camp, fish, hunt, ski, cook and be outdoors whenever the Colorado weather allows him to be. 

  • Kelly Shoultz

    Kelly Shoultz joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2011. Kelly has a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Marketing from Metropolitan State University of Denver. He enjoys the freedom to sell cars he actually believes in versus selling cars in front of a building. Kelly is from Parker, CO and enjoys spending time with his family or golfing when he is not busy at work. 

  • Jeff Snyder

    Jeff Snyder joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2012. Jeff graduated from DU with a BSBA in Hotel Restaurant Tourism Management and spent several years working in the Vail Valley, where a majority of his clients still are. Jeff was a Wealth Management Adviser for more than 15 years prior to joining the Centennial Leasing & Sales team. Jeff is originally from Atlantic City, NJ but has been in Colorado since the late 70s. When Jeff isn't working, Jeff is chasing after his two sons and trying to get out on the golf course as much as possible. 

  • Jason Sullivan

    Jason Sullivan joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2000. Prior to becoming a broker, Jason owned his own fence and deck building company and he & his wife owned a gift shop. Jason's business is built on repeat and referral customers because of his honesty, integrity and always doing what is right for his clients. Jason is a Colorado native and currently lives in Parker with his wife Kim, his daughter Reilly and his son Fletcher. When he isn't working he enjoys adventures with his family, coaching youth soccer, mountain biking, motocross or skiing. 

  • Tyler Sullivan

    Tyler Sullivan has been with Centennial Leasing & Sales since 2017. With over 19 years of experience Tyler has been apart of all aspects of the car buying process, from being in finance, sales & spending 11 years as a used car manager. The transparency with customers and helping customers make the best car purchase or lease for them is what drives Tyler in this business. Tyler is a Colorado native and enjoys golfing, playing softball, going to sporting events and concerts. Tyler has a 17 year old son and has 6 brothers and sisters. 

  • Steven Suppi

    Steven Suppi joined Centennial Leasing and Sales in 2015. Prior to joined Centennial Leasing & Sales, Steven worked at another local car dealership but enjoys that he can get customers out of that typical dealership experience and get them anything they want. Steven is originally from Highlands Ranch and enjoys spending time with his wife, son and their two dogs when he's not working. 

  • Kyle Typher

    Kyle Joined the Centennial team in 2020.Kyle is a Colorado native and enjoys all that it has to offer. As a car enthusiast Kyle started working on vehicles when he was 15 years old, working his way up to a certified Porsche technician. When Kyle isn't playing with vehicles you can find him skiing Vail or Keystone, taking his dog on hikes, spending time with family or in the gym practicing weight lifting, yoga and calisthenics. 

  • Chuck Van Note

    Chuck Van Note joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2005. Chuck has always been a car enthusiast / fanatic which is what drove him to join the Centennial Leasing & Sales team. Chuck is driven by integrity, honesty and dependability and has a true passion for what he does. Chuck grew up in Parker and went to CSU. He enjoys spending time with his family, four-wheeling, going to concerts and travelling when he isn't in the office. 

  • Jim Wherry

    Jim Wherry joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2007. Jim has been in the automobile sales and leasing business since 1972. Jim has a Bachelors of Science degree in Aerospace Technology and has a second career as a professional pilot. Jim's business is built on repeat and referral clients and his business partner, Peter Schramm, helps make it easier for Jim to enjoy both of his careers. Jim has always lived in the Denver area and his married to his wife, Linda and has 3 sons. 

  • Leslie Winemiller

    Leslie Winemiller joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 1998. Leslie has a background in nursing but truly enjoys helping her clients save time and money; both are things that we need more of in our life. Leslie grew up in North Platte, NE but has spent more years in Colorado. In her spare time, Leslie enjoys spending time with her family & friends, golfing and enjoying a good glass of wine. 

  • Nick Wood

    Nick Wood joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2005. Nick has been in the auto industry for quite some time and has been able to gain experience in many different areas of the field. Nick loves the flexibility of Centennial Leasing & Sales, the different options we offer from new and used, leasing to sales, and every make and model. Nick is a native of Littleton and spends as much time with his family as possible, as a father of 3 little ones he stays plenty busy.