Our Staff

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  • Amber Parish

    Amber Parish joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2019. Amber has been with previous car dealerships working as a title clerk and in the business office. Amber enjoys being at Centennial because of the entire team of people; the staff & consultants truly care about one another and their clients! Amber is a native of Tucson, AZ but has been in Denver for 7 years. When she is not processing titles, Amber enjoys spending time with her dog, off roading and trying new things. 

  • Antoinette Thorpe

    Antoinette Thorpe joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2015. She will normally be the first face you see when you come in or the first friendly voice on the phone. She has been in the auto industry for years and she enjoys working closely with the consultants and seeing lots of smiling faces each and every day. When she isn't greeting clients she enjoys spending time with her family or participating in church activities. 

  • Bob Perry
    General Manager

    Bob Perry joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 1987. He left the team but realized there wasn't anywhere better to be and rejoined the team in 2011. As the General Manager, Bob thrives to make sure every client's experience of getting a new car is fun and stress free. Bob is true Colorado native and in his spare time he enjoys watching all of the local professional sports teams. He also enjoys working out, playing golf and would like to find some time to rejoin a bowling league. 

  • Carol Iacovetta

    Carol Iacovetta has been at Centennial Leasing & Sales since 2002. Carol was a hair stylist for over 20 years and we are very lucky to have her on our team as a Title Clerk. Her commitment, dependability and efficiency are key things to helping get so many titles processed every month. A Colorado native, Carol enjoys being with family and friends when she isn't working.

  • Kevin Kurpanek
    Reconditioning Manager

    Kevin Kurpanek joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2016. Kevin has many years of experience with cars from working on vehicles, to working at the wholesale auction, to being a consultant at Centennial Leasing & Sales and is now our Reconditioning Manager. Kevin is a native to Denver and when he is not working he enjoys doing life together with his wife and spending time outside being on two wheels, whether with a motor or not.

  • Richard Thibault
    Business Manager

  • Rick Parietti
    Inventory Manager

    Rick Parietti joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2007. Rick has been in the auto broker / management business for 26 years, he now helps so many clients with their cars as our Inventory Manager. Rick enjoys spending time with his wife and boys, fly fishing, playing lacrosse and watching football when he is not busy at the office. 

  • Shelbey Royal

    Shelbey Royal joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2019. With a background in marketing, Shelbey enjoys helping create a positive experience for the clients from the moment they see us on our website or a social media platform. A Colorado native, Shelbey can be found spending time outside enjoying all things Colorado. Shelbey is married with a toddler son and another little boy joining the family in February. 

  • Stacy Orcutt
    Finance Manager

    Stacy Orcutt joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2009. As the Finance Manager, Stacy helps all of our Sales Consultants get their clients the best information on any financing or leasing purchase. Stacy has been in the car business for 23 years and she loves all the people she gets to work with every day. Stacy has been in Colorado since 1972 and she enjoys spending time with her family when she isn't at the office. 

  • Steve Perkins

    I started in the car business in 1977 working for Ralph Schomp Imports. I joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 1987 when our current business model was launched. We wanted to help outstanding sales consultants to have careers by being in business for themselves; while providing all of the tools for their clients to have "their BEST automotive buying experience." 

    I am a 5th Generation Coloradoan born in Denver, CO and happily married to my wife Denise. When I am not in the office I enjoy traveling, dining and enjoying all that Denver & Colorado has to offer. 

  • Suzanne Bowman
    Business Manager

    Suzanne Bowman joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2000. Suzanne started her auto industry career 37 years ago with a part time job at a dealership in Lakewood. She has performed many tasks in the car business all of which have led her to her position as the Business Manager at Centennial Leasing & Sales. Suzanne is a Colorado native and can typically be found travelling or on the golf course with her husband when she's not in the office. Spending time with their daughter and family are extremely important and you may find Suzanne singing karaoke every once in awhile. 

  • Tim O'Connor
    General Manager / Commercial Fleet

    Tim O'Connor joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 1997. Before he started at Centennial Leasing & Sales he was a heavy equipment mechanic and he enjoys being able to help any client with any transaction no matter the make, model, new or used, lease or purchase. A native of Chicago, Tim has been in Colorado since 1977. When Tim isn't at Centennial Leasing & Sales helping our Commercial and Fleet customers he enjoys kayaking, hiking, fishing and the occasional round of golf just to torture himself. 

  • Tracie Holck

    Tracie Holck joined Centennial Leasing & Sales in 2016. Tracie enjoys working closely with the consultants as a Title Clerk. Tracie is originally from Des Moines, Iowa but has spent most of her life in Colorado. When she isn't processing many titles every month, she can be found hanging out with friends & family, cooking, camping, hiking, and spending time with her dog.